The most used Technology to Protect your Valuables

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Using the most comprehensive technology to protect our children.

With security of our children the highest priority, ProtechRkidz combines technology by connecting parents, police and school administration in real time.

How the technology works


The school will place location beacons in the school, buses and all routes from neighborhoods to the school.

Notifications will be transmitted back to parents that their student has arrived at school, boarded their bus and began their journey home.

The program is also designed to provide school administration and law enforcement with location of students in real time if there is an active threat at the school, allowing them to address the threat with the most effective plan.


Each student will receive a wearable device/POD (Protection On Demand). This POD includes state of the art technology that will provide a connection of each student to their parents.

  • The POD was designed to provide real time location notifications to parents
  • Emergency panic button to send real time location and begin tracking of the student
  • The PODs have a long battery life to avoid daily charging
  • Privacy protection features set and controlled by each parent

Highlights of the program

  • Provide parents with a level of comfort their child arrives safely at school.
  • Provides school admin with bus positions and student counts.
  • Law enforcement can pull up groups of students to help address threats in most effective way.
  • Panic Button for students.
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