Home Inventory Protection Program localizes the effort to crime-proof your community.

Property pens will be distributed by your local police department to help you protect your property.

Order your Property Pen

HIPP campaign gives you a free property pen from your local police department – when you register online for your free account to manage your property you will receive a confirmation PIN to place on all your valuables.

Each cap on a Property Pen is also a black light

The UV ink from the Property Pen can be applied to all types of property

Congratulations- Your registration is complete.

Your Personal Identification Number is ABC 123

This PIN is your unique identification that is linked directly to you and your property. Use your Property Pen and write this PIN on all your valuables. If you need help please call customer service - 877-51-Aegis.

Click here to go to your home page and manage your property. After you write your PIN on your property - make sure you enter it into the law enforcement database.

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