Over the past 6 years ProtechDNA has been improving a technology that will assist law enforcement and their communities to reduce property theft and give the advantages back to citizens that work hard and want to protect their valuables.

Warning decals are provided to deter criminals. Proven statistic, if property can be linked to ownership, criminals more likely not to steal it.

DNA labels are being used by law enforcement around the world to register bicycles, computers, cell phones, and other single assets. The DNA labels is very unique, in the labels adhesive are several microdots. If the label is removed the adhesive with the microdots will stick and remain on the item, giving the police the ability to authenticate the item and identify ownership.

Personalizing your property is proven to deter theft and increase the odds of recovery if lost or stolen. The ProtechDNA forensic adhesive can be applied to any type of property. Its invisible to the naked eye and contains thousands of microscopic dots Smaller than the size of a grain of sand each microdot include a unique PIN (personal Identification number.

Law Enforcement has special tools that can detect if this special adhesive has been applied to your property.

Partnership with law enforcement

The number one statistical crime in every community is PROPERTY THEFT

Law enforcement works hard to help prevent crime, and just hard as hard to return stolen property to the rightful owner. This is a very difficult task because there is no way to link property to the owner.

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Every police department must catalog recovered property

When a police department recovers property they must follow a very strict procedure.Enter a full description including make, model, serial number, other characteristics.

This helps organize the items if someone should claim them Unfortunately over 90% of recovered items are never returned to the rightful owner.

Increased recovery by 50X

Connecting the Dots links the information from the agency that cataloged the recovered item, to the IARLE database searching for a match.

The more information you can provide at the time of entry into the database, the greater chance of recovery.

IARLE International Asset Registry for Law Enforcement.

Law Enforcement across the country will be encouraging their community to personalize their property and link the ownership in the

Here are the 2 simple steps to decrease your chance of becoming a victim and increase the chance of recovery.

  1. Apply the DNA Property adhesive to your valuables
  2. Enter the item applied with the DNA Property adhesive
Actual microdots under police microscope

When police recover property they have special readers that will allow them to view the microdots on the item to read the PIN and retrieve ownership in real time.

Special viewer are provided to every law enforcement agency to view the PIN on the microdots.

Important instructions on applying your DNA to property

  • Keep your DNA pouch in a very dry and cool place.
  • Once you open your DNA pouch be prepared to use the entire contents.
  • You will have over 100 applications
  • Use the dabber or a Qtip to apply the DNA adhesive
  • Clean the area before you apply the DNA
  • Make sure the area is completely dry
  • The area should be room temperature prior to applying DNA
  • Allow the DNA adhesive to dry for a several hours before touching
  • You can make property in multiple locations
  • Mark near the serial number plates never on them
  • Mark near the power buttons
  • Do not apply to collectables that might decrease in value, such as pictures, stamps, etc. unless in a case
  • Soft plastics and paper are not good surfaces to apply
  • Your DNA PIN is located on the front of the pouch

Make sure you enter all your item in your secure database this will increase your odds of recovery by 50x

Applying your DNA to your valuables

DNA Property Kits

Actual Each DNA Property kit include enough adhesive for over 100 applications. There is several thousand microdots per kit. Each microdot includes a unique PIN code that is exclusive to the user.

DNA Property adhesive is sealed in a weatherproof package that protects the contents until opened.

The DNA adhesive is clear invisible to the naked eye. It can be applied to most any type of property. You can apply the adhesive in multiple locations on a signal item.