PetNet is the most comprehensive pet tracking and protection program.

By utilizing our network of law
enforcement agencies we have
extended out technology to assist community animal control agencies to quickly identify lost pets and return quickly their owners.


  • Track your pet
  • Set Geofence
  • Alerts to all users within the community
  • Waterproof
  • Notifications to animal control within 100 mile radius
  • Provide important details about your pet if he/she should go missing
  • Pet DNA is used to retrieve ownership in real time by law enforcement and animal control across the country
  • Battery life of tracking device is  6 months to 2 years (based on tracking model)
  • Compatible with all Apple and Android Devices Include pictures and description of your pet in Lost Pet Notifications
  • Register in National Pet Recovery Database Accessible to animal control and law enforcement across the country
  • Very small and light weight

Rovers home page

Tracker ID - AX45682J
DNA code - ABC17JK

Profile Settings
Notification settings
Where is Rover now?

Each pet will have their own profile page. The owner will provide important details that will assist in recovery.

Notifications(Yes) :

As a user of the PetNet program you can immediately send out a lost pet alert to local animal control and all users within your community. The alerts will include all the details you have provided in your pet profile.

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The tracking functions -

The pet owner can set up the pet profile to assist in the event of loss or stolen. The tracker will send a frequency that is detectable by mobile devices within 100'.

Lost Pet -

If the pet is lost or missing the pet owner can indicate the status from their home page on a PC or the mobile app. Once the status is updated to missing or lost, a notification will be sent to animal control within the jurisdiction of the alert, if animal control is active.

This change in status will also activate "PetNet" a network notification will also be distributed to local users with a description of the pet, including picture if it was provided in the pet profile.  If the pet should come within 100' of an active app user, it will detect the lost pet, providing an alert to the user which is in range, and sending a location update back to the pet owner as well as animal control. Animal control will have the ability to scan any recovered pet, even if the pet was not reported stolen to obtain pet information including owner's details.