The most used Technology to Protect your Valuables

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The Technology - The Product

Every application is carefully manufactured to ensure the highest quality and standards that will be upheld in a court of law.

The adhesive

The special adhesive is water-based and cannot be removed by any solvents. The adhesive includes a special UV trace that is detectable with a specific frequency black light.

The adhesive can be applied to most any type of property, drying to touch within about 1 hour, and completely curing to the property over the next 2 days.

1. UV Trace

UV will glow under a black light. This is to assist law enforcement in the detection process.

2. Microscopic Dots

Suspended in the adhesive is thousands of tiny microdots Made of nickel substrate each microdot is .05 mil, smaller than the size of a grain of sand. Etched into each dot is a unique PIN. The PIN is a combination of alpha number code that will never be duplicated. All PINs in each kit are the same, and a PIN is never duplicated.


Each user will secure store the description and information about the property they have applied to their valuables in the International Asset Registry for Law Enforcement (IARLE)

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement is key component of the program. Over 4,000 agencies are currently utilizing the technology in a effort to reduce property theft in their communities and engage their residents in awareness.

  • Over 36,000 law enforcement agencies have access to the IARLE database: Searchable by PIN, property description, serial numbers, etc.
  • No cost to law enforcement
  • All agencies are provided detection kits
  • Auto scrubs database when property is recovered and cataloged by property room
  • 50 – 75 new law enforcement agencies each month