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About Our Company

In 2013 we launched technology to assist law enforcement in combating property theft. Property theft is the number one statistical crime in every community, and it’s also the funding source for other crimes.

Over the years we have continued to improve the technology for both the users and our law enforcement partners. Our team includes a range of experts that include technology, community, law enforcement.

The philosophy of our company is to establish key partnerships that create a win-win scenario to offset the expensive costs of the technology, making it extremely affordable to all participants. We have focused on creating a network of law enforcement agencies with the understanding that criminals have no boundaries. With over 10,000 law enforcement agencies and counting, our commitment to support and assisting with community outreach has been our key to success. In addition, there is NO cost to our law enforcement partners, all costs are offset through our partnership programs.

Our state-of-the-art technology and forensic applications to link property to owners is our brand identity, but we over the years we have built a backend program that delivers just as much value as the DNA for property technology.

We are committed to never stop improving our program listen to our users and law enforcement partners to take our program to the next level.