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more than just a lock - its a security solution with multiple layers of protection

Smart Lock

Smart Lock $42.95

The Smart Lock is a state of the art security device that provides flexibility to secure a very wide range of products, from bicycles to building entrances. The high strength cable is extremely strong and has built in tampering features. The locking device is sold construction that securely locks the high strength cable in place.

The locking/unlocking of the lock is controlled by the ProtechDNA mobile app. The smart lock provides 5-layers of security:

  1. High Tech High Strength Lock
  2. Tamperproof features
  3. Deterrent Alarm
  4. Forensic Property DNA
  5. Pawn Proof

Secure your most valuable possessions with the Lock Load It Smart Lock.

Alarm Padlock

Alarm Padlock $19.99

The Alarm Padlock is a very unique security device that adds additional security functions to protect your valuables. The padlock is contrasted and rated HIGH on the security charts. The removal shackle provides flexibility to secure all types of property.

The Alarm Padlock includes a very high pitched deterrent alarm. To activate the alarm, the shackle is inserted into the locking device with the groove side of the shackle toward the key lock. When the alarm is active, it will sound if the lock is tampered with, vibrates or hit. This loud alarm will deter theft and add protection to your property. more

The Alarm Padlock also includes a DNA for Property packet. Find out more about DNA for Property

High Security Bluetooth Ulock

High Security Bluetooth Ulock $74.99

This U-Lock is rated Extremely High, one of the strongest locks on the market. The Bluetooth security U-Lock is managed from your mobile app. A USB charger is included and rechargeable. The lock ideal for high-end bicycles, and other high value crime targets.

The U-Lock also includes a DNA for Property Package to add security to the property you lock and for protection.

Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock

Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock $24.95

Trailer theft is one of the fastest rising thefts in the country. Lock Load It has introduced a very effective trailer lock. The coupler lock fits most trailers, from 1 7/8, 2, 2 5/16. The design of the Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock is superior to other knock off products in the market. Typically, trailers are parked in remote areas and for a period of time, giving criminals the advantage. Lock Picking is the most common for these locks. The Lock Load It Trailer Lock has a very special key design that prevents picking, and the locking tube is built-in to the base of the lock, preventing a criminal for hammering the key lock to break and release.

Included with our Trailer Coupler Lock is a Trailer DNA label. This label sends a warning to criminals that your trailer is registered in the law enforcement database and can be tracked back to the owner.

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Copper
  • Plating
  • Yellow,Silver

Full security access from your smart phone.

  • Lock and Unlock your device
  • Register your property in law enforcement database
  • Report Property Stolen to law enforcement/insurance company
  • Transfer to property to new owner
  • Include pictures of your property
  • Scan serial number bar codes

For limited time.

Security locking device controlled by mobile app

Include a complete description of property, including pictures, serial number and other important details for recovery.

Pawn Proof

User inventory is cross-matched with pawn shop transactions and can provide notifications to law enforcement