When a criminal steals your property they run directly to the nearest pawn shop to cash in.

The ProtechDNA technology serializes your valuables, applying your own personal code that will provide law enforcement with your contact details .

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How the technology works

With the ProtechDNA program, every user has a secure account to enter a description of each item.

When you enter a description of your property....ProtechDNA will cross-match those descriptions with Pawn Shop transactons. With our partnership with BWI RAPID we can notify you and law enforcement if your property is sold in at a pawn shop and provide important details, helping you recover your property. 

By law a pawn shop is required to include all the details of every pawn shop transaction. Those details include - The name of the person selling the property at the pawn shop, include their government issued ID, finger print, and picture and description of the item that is being pawned. Those details are then transmitted to local law enforcement, where we can cross check that data against the users inventory in the ProtechDNA program. 

Important information

Pawn Shops must follow very strict laws when purchasing property :

  • A seller at a pawn shop must have government issued ID.
  • A seller must provide finger prints.
  • Pawn Shop must include a full description of all items they purchase, including serials numbers.
  • All Details Above About Pawn Shop Transaction Must Be Reported To Law Enforcement.