Tracking Your Valuable Program

Recognized as the cutting edge leader in providing technology to law-enforcement across the
globe Protech DNA introduces a tracking program for your valuables. Combining our expertise
in technology and networking with law enforcement provides the most powerful network to
protect your valuables

Tracking has evolved with technology and Protech DNA has been the leader. When we think of trackers, we think of GPS.

GPS trackers Black Knight are very reliable and have flooded the market place. Protech DNA has partnered with the industry
leading tracker used by law-enforcement for stings and
undercover operations.

The tracker Black Knight has been modified to accommodate the needs of today's consumer. This tracker offers a unique variety of features that protect property and communicate directly with law-enforcement

As a leader in the tracking space, Protech DNA introduces our
newest technology and Tracking Chips.

Tracking chips utilize a new technology alternative from the most common GPS, offering many benefits including inexpensive and
the ability to run on a battery and not direct power.

A powerful new technology to protect and track
your valuables.

ANC – Area Network Chip: these are chips that will be placed on assets by user they want to track

MREC – Mobile Receivers: this is mobile phone or tablet where the user has downloaded the App.

FREC – Fixed Receiver: This is a fixed receiver that can pick up the frequency transmitted from an ANC.

CAN – Community Area Network. This a combination of all receivers in a community.

Building a powerful security network with law enforcement one community at a time.

If your property is stolen – When its detected within our global network it…the location will be sent to you and law enforcement

Powerful and simple! You will become part of this network, just by downloading the free app you will help recover stolen and lost property.


Area network chip tracking program

Protech DNA now provides an alternative to traditional GPS tracking programs.

GPS Tracking

  • GPS Trackers range in price from $200 - $400
  • Monthly monitoring fee - $20 - $75
  • Requires power to maintain charge
  • Can locate property anywhere there is a cell signal

Area Network chip

  • ANC trackers price - $25.00
  • No Monthly Monitoring fees
  • 2 year battery no power required
  • Can locate property within 150' of receiver