It’s a proven fact, if you can personalize your property, its less likely to be stolen, and increases your odds of recovery. With thousands of law enforcement agencies actively using ProtechDNA to help decrease property theft in their communities, and assist with identifying ownership of recovered property, it’s important to use the DNA adhesive on your valuables.

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DNA Adhesive

The DNA adhesive is a very durable glue, that is invisible to the naked eye. Over the past 6 years ProtechDNA has improved our adhesive with the goal of longevity. Our adhesives will adhere to most property, it will survive the outdoor elements, including sunlight, wet conditions, extreme cold, and other common condition.

The ProtechDNA adhesive include two very important components to assist law enforcement:

1.UV Trace for Detection

  • Law enforcement will scan property to determine if the DNA adhesive has been applied
  • UV trace is embedded into the adhesive and will glow under a black light. This is to assist law enforcement in the detection process.

2. Microscopic Dots

  • There are thousands of them in each kit
  • Each dot is smaller than the size of a grain of sand (.05mm). The dots are manufactured of nickel. The numbers on each dot are chemically etched into each dot.

Forensic Property Pen

Forensic Property Pens are a great tool to personalize your valuables. Use the PIN (personal identification number you were issued at the time of registration. Write the PIN with your Forensic Property Pen on your valuables.

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