This program is more than just personalizing your property and securing and storing the inventory in a law-enforcement database.

This is a national partnership that unites every community with law enforcement across the country. Its been the goal of every police department to engage the help of their residents. Through technology ProtechDNA has made this partnership stronger than ever, and it contin- ues to grow.

This program is a national campaign that is continually rolling out in every community across the country, the daily expansion provides a direct benefit to every user in the program.

Over the last five years through the efforts and input of law enforcement experts, Protech DNA has created the most comprehensive and sophisticated Crime Prevention program that focuses on the number one statistical crime in the country …….property theft.

By following the simple steps and establishing a free account you will increase your protection of your personal property and dramatically decrease the opportunity of a criminal targeting your valuables.

Lets get started…..

The first phase of this program is to register for your free account, by registering you will be assigned a personal identification number(PIN) this PIN should be placed on all of your valuables.

With your free account and PIN you will have access to The International Asset Registry for Law-enforcement (IARLE).


This database is connected to over 36,000 law enforcement agencies around the country. All recovered property will be auto-searched at the time of recovery looking for a match using
- Make
- Model
- serial number AND other characteristics of the property to help identify the owner.

There are millions of items of property recovered every year and less than 90% of those items are ever returned to the rightful owner. This program is designed to dramatically increase those odds by more than 50% if properly used and utilized by both law enforcement and their  community.

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