Connecting the Dots to Reduce Crime

This national campaign connects every law enforcement agency with
their community with technology to protect property and return
recovered valuable to the rightful owner.
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DNA for Property

Every person has their own DNA code that makes us unique.
Now DNA for property can be applied to your valuables so
law enforcement can identify ownership.
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Connecting your valuables to every property room globally” – Enter your
property in International Asset Registry for Law Enforcement and you
will get it back if recovered by law enforcement.
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HIPP - Home Inventory Protection Program

Home Inventory Protection Program is supported by law enforcement as
the most effective way to deter criminals and recover stolen and lost
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Free DNA for property kit

Connecting the Dots across the county gives every person
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Connecting the dots to reduce crime

DNA for Property




Don’t be a victim...

How it works

Connect the Dots in your community – Get your FREE DNA for Property Kit

Why you will be more

Free account increases recovery by 50x...

This will deter criminals ...

What is DNA for Property and how does work?...

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Connecting the dots

Connecting the Dots to reduce crime
includes every resident and business
across the country Learn More

DNA for Property

Every resident and business will
receive a free DNA for
Property Kit – a $40 value Learn More

The Database

Just by entering your valuables in the
database your odds to recover lost or
stolen property is 50x greater. Learn More