The foundation to Connecting the Dots to Reduce Crime provides every resident and business in all communities across the country with a FREE DNA for Property kit.

Actual microdot enlarged 100X. The DNA code is a unique alpha-numeric combination.

What is DNA for Property?

This is a forensic marking solution that will put your unique identifier on all your valuables. A special clear glue that contains thousands of tiny microscopic dots. Each Dot is made of nickel, and has a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number). The glue/adhesive contains a UV trace that will glow under a black light.

DNA for Property kits include over 100 applications and over 1,000 microdots.

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Adhesive for the DNA for Property glows under black light so police can located on property

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Microdot Technology

ProtechDNA is the pioneer of forensic asset identification. Microdots are extremely small metal dots that have a unique.