The Database

The International Asset Registry for Law Enforcement is the most powerful database recovery program in the world.

The International Database for Law Enforcement gives each user the ability to securely register all the valuables/property and directly link them to every law enforcement agency across the country.

  • Your FREE account provides you unlimited access to enter anything you feel valuable to you.
  • Every item you apply your DNA property adhesive to, you can include a full description of the item, including make, model, serial number and other important details that will help law enforcement identify it as yours.
  • Include a picture of the item
  • Report property lost or stolen to law enforcement all over the country
  • Send out a theft notification to everyone in your community
  • Transfer property you sell or give away
  • Provide a list of valuables including costs to your insurance provider
Increase your recover odds by 50x

When a police Department recovers property they must catalog the item:
This process include a full description of each item, including the make, model, serial number and other characteristics. After the cataloging process the agency database will auto-scan IARLE where your items are entered looking for a match. If a match is found – potential ownership matching contacts are provided to the agency administrator.

A key component of the Property DNA is the database.The Database provides a very secure location to store full descriptions of each item the users apply the DNA property to.

IARLE has been created to increase the odds of recovery – to increase the odds ProtechDNA has focused on the following:

  • Digital connections – connecting the database to all property software providers. This connection will auto-search the IARLE with every recovered property from all agencies
  • Search algorithms – Matching a serial number is simple and accurate, but many items will not have serial numbers and rely on specific characteristics. These characteristics must be analyzed to provide the agency that has recovered the property with valid details of potential owners if they exist in the IARLE database.
  • Security – The highest level of security will always be considered.
  • Privacy – The database will only be used for the specific purpose of the program, to protect property and assist with the recovery and return to the rightful owners.

Advisory board

An 11-person board is responsible for the integrity of database. The board will include a range of experts that can provide insight to meet the key components of the database.

The board experts include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Cyber security experts
  • Insurance industry experts
  • Standards experts