Securely listing your property in the International Asset Registry will decrease your chances of theft
and increase your odds of recovery.

When you set up your FREE account – each user can manage their property.

So many benefits to help protect your property

Once you have entered your property in the database you can:

  • Report it stolen immediately to law enforcement
  • Send a notification to your community if you're a victim and provide a full
    description of the item
  • Transfer property to a new user
  • Print out an inventory list for your insurance company
What are the benefits to securely store my valuables in the database?

The ability to provide exact description of your property to

  • Law Enforcement
  • Your insurance company
  • Record the value of your property
  • Store pictures of your property

Enter your property into the law enforcement database.

If your property is stolen….send notification immediately.

The database is connected to 36,000 law enforcement agencies.

Send a description of your property to pawn
shops and other outlets criminals try and sell
stolen items.

Send a full description of your property to your neighbors to help locate.